Day Trips in the Pacific Northwest




This is Pepper the dog she likes long walks on the beach and getting muddy.

We Pacific Northwesterners live in one of the most beautiful places in the United States of America (In my opinion.) We are  surrounded by natural beauty and cool small towns. When I have free time, I love exploring and documenting my travels with pictures. I am making my blog a documentation of my day-trip travels around the area. You’ll see many pictures, including some of my dog, Pepper, who is my b.f.f. on four legs. Occasionally there will be pictures of my boyfriend Shane too, because he is my favorite travel companion.

In terms of collecting  materials for this project,  I plan on visiting some of my favorite places in order capture them. I want to talk to the  locals for video projects, take audio recordings of waterfalls and concerts, write reviews on places to eat. The possibilities are endless. I have a journalism background, and know that gathering the materials for my projects is the most important part.

As written on the home page, all photos posted are mine unless otherwise listed. I have some photos posted as of right now that I took previously, in order to make my blog look appropriate for the theme.  New content will come with the semester as my blog continues to grow.

This is Shane. He loves food almost as much as I do.

This is Shane on a trip to Leavenworth, WA. He loves food almost as much as I do.

Two of the unit products that I am thrilled to work on for this project would be the Photoshop and the Premiere units. These are two systems that I am familiar with and would love to  master. With the Photoshop project, I am thinking about making a promotional poster that would feature iconic images of the Pacific Northwest, (think evergreen trees, The Great Wheel, Leavenworth, etc.) It would look sort of like a collage.

For the video project on Premiere, I would like to do an interview style video. There are people who are really big into the local hiking scene, and it would be wonderful to get some interviews about their favorite hikes, as well as maybe some b roll footage from the hikes to add in as well.

Here is some inspiration of other local travel websites:

What I  love about the Travel Channel blog is that the text is broken up. It is more user-friendly to have short blocks of text and pictures, it holds their attention longer than a long block of text would.

The PNW Hikes website has a neat search tool that can allow people to find what sort of hike they are looking for. I want to categorize my blog so that people can have the sort of experience they are looking for.

This website incorporates some of the food aspects of travel in. With each trip, I think it would be neat to touch on the food that can be found at each place.

Seattle and Sound is a user-friendly site that is used as a place where people can go to find inspiration for their travels. I will  use it to find places to feature on my blog.


Stay tuned!




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