Blog Promotion Image Draft

Draft of my blog promotion image

Blog Promotion Image- Samantha Chapman

This project was a little more frustrating than I thought it would be, but I am pretty proud of my end result.

The student examples were really helpful for thinking of ideas on what to create. When I thought about day trips and travel, the idea of a map came to mind. I knew that I wanted to showcase some of my photography as well; so what better way to do that than take my pictures, and make them into what looks like printed images. I actually take a film camera with me when I travel, so many of these photos I have duplicates of printed from a film camera as well. My inspiration was really taken from my life I suppose.

For this project, I made the image size of the canvas as big as the map, because I knew I wanted it to be the background. I then took down some of the brightness and saturation on the map, so that it didn’t detract from the images I would be laying over it. I wanted to find a map that had Oregon in it as well, because I have some previous images about Oregon, and will be traveling there next month. So, expect to see some Oregon in my blog soon as well.

With the images I used, I selected images from all over the area, so the viewer could get a good cross-section of the PNW experience. I had a lot more to choose from, but narrowed it down to photos that I decided were necessary. For example, I had a lot of photos of downtown Seattle, but did not use them because I thought the other photos were stronger in that area. With these images, I edited them similar to the layers tutorial, because I liked that style. I created a layer style so that they would all look similar on the page.

Next comes the text, and admittedly the hardest part of my project. I really wanted the text to stand out from the busy background of the map. So, I probably went through around six different colors before choosing this burnt-orange color. I wanted a green, but it really didn’t stand out from the background, because there is a lot of green in it already. The orange is a contrasting color, so I figured it would work.

I also added some texture, drop shadow, and bevel to the text, to give it almost a three-dimensional appearance. I am up for changing that texture to maybe one that resembles pine-needles, and plan on messing with that for my final draft.

I added my blog’s name to the bottom, for promotional purposes. If this photo was cycling on the internet, I would want people to know where it’s.

All photos are mine, except for the mopeds picture, taken by my father Robert Chapman. The map is a public domain “Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin”and can be found at .


5 thoughts on “Blog Promotion Image Draft

  1. Alex Ballou says:

    You did a lovely job doing this promotion 😀 The photos fit very well, and adding the white strokes and drop shadows really helped “pop” images.

    I saw your comment about using an orange color for the text, it really did pop in a good way. It isn’t neon, so it doesn’t strain the eyes. Adding texture to the text really helped bring it together.

    A fun way to make the image fun is adding a dotted line in correlation where the photos were taken. Like a line connecting from the photo to the seattle area. So people can get a general idea where the photos were taken. This is just a suggestion though!

    I love the photo though!

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  2. samanthachapmanblog says:

    Alright, time for my self critique. I definitely agree with the point that I could add little dotted lines where each photo is supposed to go, in order to make it more clear as to where to connect my photos to the map. I am pretty happy with my project, but I know that there is always room for improvement. I was also thinking of adding those little-red map pins on the picture as well. People use these pins to show where they have gone, and it could add another fun little layer to the photo. I am wondering if I could make it look like my images are pinned on the map.

    Another thing I would like to try and do is increase the size of this photo. While it looks great for the web, it would be nice to have in a bigger image size in case I ever wanted to print it out.

    One last thing that I want to critique on myself is the coloring. The color scheme is a little dark on this map, and I am not sure if it is adding or detracting from the overall message, I will definitely mess around with that tomorrow and see what the outcome is. This has been a really fun project so far!


  3. seanbeckblog says:

    Hi Samantha! Let me start by saying that I love your idea! When you mentioned our designs were similar I was looking forward to seeing what you came up with. I really like the map and the idea to give it a full bleed rather than a border. I also like what you were able to do with the text. Giving some depth to the different layers is something I am struggling with on mine! I agree with Alex regarding the pictures. I think the photos can feel a little disconnected from the map if they aren’t connected somehow to points on the map. Again, this is something I really want to do with mine as well, but haven’t found a way to do it just yet that I think looks good. Have you played around with having the pictures on their own at all? I think a couple of those pictures that are kind of hidden behind the others would show well if we could see a bit more of them. I appreciated the depth in your post about the techniques you used to make this happen. Great job!


  4. acimburek says:

    First off, I have to say I am ecstatic you used a photo of kites. I have been a kite flyer for almost two decades and the photo of the kite and the beach make me extremely happy. I love your concept for the blog. Taking day trips is an awesome thing to do, and I am going to follow your blog to get ideas for other places to go. I think your draft is already amazing. The text stands out, the photos are great, and the map of Washington makes for a great background. One critique I do have is to spread the photos apart a bit and make them a bit larger. Also, if you are going to have your blog address on the page, I would make it a bit bigger or change the coloring so it is easier to read. I like that you have it on there, it is a great idea. As I said, I think the background is amazing, and I love how this looks already. I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


  5. vacevedo21 says:

    Samantha, I like the emphasis your image puts on its title. However, the N and W in the PNW overlap a bit too much, and thus made it harder for me to read. You could simply increase the spacing between the lettering without having it block the picture of the road in Eastern Washington, presumably. I really enjoyed your use of an older map of Washington State that shows the county names and topography. Old maps like that really resonate with me because of the nostalgic trips I took with my family. In addition, the content of the pictures selected are wonderful, showing different distinct things that can be seen or done across Washington. The only other area for improvement I can see in your image, is that you could probably spread the pictures out further so that they can all be clearly seen, or add more photos to add more overlapped pictures. The latter option would be to show how much there is to do in Washington, but a simple repositioning would help the pictures to pop just as well.


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