Final Graphic Design Project- Blog Promotion Image



Here it is, my final graphic design project. There was quite the process in creating this image.

As I explained in my initial draft post, I wanted this project to be a sort-of advertisement for what my blog is about. Because my blog is about travel, I decided that a map with images of different day trips I have gone on would be the best way to go.

All of the images are my own, except for the map and the little images of the push pins that are holding the photos in. I searched through advanced Google Image searches to find pictures with creative commons licensing.

The other photos I gathered are from my iPhone. They are mostly taken by me, except for the Ocean Shores moped photograph, which was taken by my father.

I began the project by sizing my image to be the same size as the map. I then added the map and took a little bit of the brightness and contrast out of it on different layers, so it would not be a distracting background.

I then used “place embedded” to add my photos on top of the map. I resized the photos and gave them all the same style, that way they would look like consistent photos that could be from a real film camera. This was something we learned in the first tutorial.

When this was done it was time to add the text. I chose an orange color because it is contrasting to the green background, as we learned in color theory. I also chose to give it dimension by adding a drop shadow, texture, embossing and embellishing them. I wanted a text style that looked a little old school, like an advertisement to travel from the 50’s or 60’s.

When this was done, I decided that because this is a promotional image, I needed my blogs URL. I initially had this text smaller and orange but changed it, I will talk about my revisions later.

Finally, I created a vignette effect around the outside of my design using the paintbrush tool, just so that the viewer’s eye was drawn in to the center of the image.  Because there is admittedly a lot of information in the image, this vignette acts as a way to help guide the eye towards the text.

Next, comes the revision part of my project. A few concerns that my team members had were that the images were a little small, there should be some sort of indication as to where the photos go, and that the promotion text with my URL was unreadable.

Another suggestion was to seperate the N from the W in PNW, but I made the choice to keep it, because I think it makes it more visually interesting.

With that, I decided to enlarge the photos so that they were a little more clear. I also added images of push pins to make it look as if the photos were being pushed into where they belong on the map. I added the same shadow, bevel and emboss as the photograph and text, to make sure that the light was all coming from the same direction. I also added some texture on the blue push pins to make them look more realistic.

Finally, I enlarged my URL text at the bottom, and created a soft white glow around them, so that they stand out from the busy map background. I also made it a darker green to compliment the map colors.

I really wanted to make this image look clean and proffesional. There are tons of layers on this project, and each image has it’s own set of effects on it. I do not want this to be visible to the average viewer though. I believe too much can really be well, too much sometime. This project took me many hours to complete, and a lot of getting frusterated at Photoshop.

Overall, I am excited about project and very interested to see how the rest of my group updated their images.

*** The moped image was taken by my father, Robert Chapman
The map was courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin. It is a public domain image that can be found at here.
The map pins were found under creative commons licenses. The blue map pin is found here by Flickr user Chris Potter.
The red map pin can be found here from Flickr user
Both are licensed to share and adapt.  ***



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