Portland Weekend-Final Audio Story

This week, we edited our first drafts of our audio stories. Here is my final story about how I spent my 21st birthday in Portland, Oregon:

After some headaches from bad choices on where I saved my audio files and my Audition tutorial running out, I have made it to the end. Above, you can hear my final audio story.

As I said in my initial draft of this story, my inspiration came from some of the stories we listened to in class, such as . I did not listen to other travel stories, however, because I wanted the ideas for my story to be naturally formed, and not subconsciously based on something else.

The creation of the first draft went like this:

  1. First, I recorded all of my ambient noise and music while exploring Portland, on the Voice Memos application on my iPhone. I tried to get a variety of sounds, such as street music, restaurants, rolling suitcases, and people talking.
  2. Next, I emailed myself this audio, and wrote a script about my weekend, choosing what I thought were the most important details of the weekend.
  3. Next, I recorded myself reading the script, again with my iPhone application, and emailed those recordings to myself as well.
  4. Then, I opened up audition, started a new multi-track session, and imported both my ambient sounds and the recorded narration.
  5. I then places the narration blocks in the session, and cut them to the lengths that worked, using the razor tool. I also cut out all of my awkward mouth breathing, due to my cold.
  6. I then brought in the ambient noises into the track below my narration, and put them in an order that corresponded with the narration.
  7. I then adjusted the volume levels by dragging the volume line up and down, and used the fade in and fade out tool to make sure all of my audio was flowing together well.
  8. I exported my audio story using the file+export+multi-track mixdown, and saved it as an MP3. I also saved my project file as a session, that way I could edit it again later, and I uploaded my draft to Souncloud, and posted it on my blog.

After my first draft was posted, then came the revisions. People in my group suggested that I do a few things to my story. First, there seemed to be an agreement that the story was a little wordy right off the bat; secondly a few people said that my audio grew quieter at the end, so I should bring it up a little.

With these things in mind, I headed over to my boyfriends house. (Because he is rich and can pay for things like the whole Adobe Creative Suite.)I struggled to find my saved project, but eventually did. I would like to try using Audacity for future projects, and see if I have better luck there.

After opening up my saved project from previously, I:

  1. Cut out some of the audio about going to the DMV, because it was right in the start of the piece, and seemed distracting. I used the razor tool to do this, and then slid the second half of the audio up to meet the first half.
  2. I messed with various filters to equalize the volume, but ended up doing it by hand with the volume bar.
  3. Exported the new file in the same way I did the old, and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

And voilà, that takes us to this final project.


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