Raw Video Footage- Storyboard

Hey again! Over Thanksgiving break I began work on a video story on a hike to Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend, WA. Here are two raw video clips from that day.

Shane Menzimer, my boyfriend, filmed this shot. The majority of shots are by me, but he filmed me once in a while to switch it up a little bit and add variety.

These are a few clips from the top of the hike, I want to cut them into small clips and mess around with them, so that they are not just long pans at the top.

Below you will see my storyboard with how I plan to edit my video:

Storyboard: A Rainy Hike Up Rattlesnake Ledge (Working title)
Visual Elements Audio Elements
0:00-0:08 Shot of me getting gas in the car Sound of me talking, music begins to fade in
0:08-0:13 first time-lapse shot of driving, this should be more highway area Music continues, no background noise
0:13-0:18 Second time-lapse shot of driving, this should be more wooded areas
Music continues
0:18-0:26 Shane getting his boots on, to establish that there are two of us
Music continues, but also have this audio in the background
0:26-0:30 The Intro sign to the trail, to establish where we are hiking
Music continues
0:30-0:34 wide shot of Shane walking across the lake and towards the trees, to show the lake at the bottom is dried
Music continues
0:34-0:40 Panning shot of the lake, with the mountain we are going to hike in the background
Music continues
0:40-0:43 Moving shot taken from eye level, as if the audience is entering the hike as well Music continues
0:43-0:47 Another moving shot, this time with the camera pointed to the sky as if the audience would be looking up Music Continues
0:47-0:52 A look behind me, to see Shane walking past me, the audience knows he is not the one filming now Music Continues 0:52-0:55 Quick shot of some plants, up close to add texture Music continues, but Shane will be in background
0:55-0:60 Shane tries to crawl across a log, and fails, medium shot
Music continues in the background
0:60-0:63 A shot looking down at my feet while I cross the bridge
Music continues
0:63-1:11 Panning shot of the view from the top of the hike, establishing that we made it to the end
Music continues. Could I get a bass drop
1:11- 1:15 Edge of the cliff, see the view of the lake below
Music continues
1:15-1:17 Close up shot of hands eating food at the top of the hike
Music continues
1:17-1:26 A montage of a few shots of coming back down the mountain, cut and put together
Music continues
1:26-1:30 Quick pan of the lake now that we are back down at the bottom Music continues
1:30-1:33 Shane’s made -it dance Music cuts so we can hear the audio
1:33- 1:39 Close-up shot of rocks, with water in the background Music is back
1:39-1:42 A shot from the car, going downhill on the way home, fade to black
Music fades



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