Rattlesnake Ledge Hike- Rough Draft

This video is a rough draft, and I assure you it will be taken off of my YouTube after this class is over, or at least set to private. I don’t like to post unfinished videos on my YouTube channel. haha.

For this video, I wanted to do something outdoors, as my last subject was more about city life. So, I chose a day trip to hike Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend, Washington. In terms of inspiration, I have a few friends who are bloggers or work for outdoors companies, and I tried to make videos in a similar style, as I really enjoyed theirs. I had never hiked this place before, so it was something fun and new for me as well.

After making a list of clips that I new I wanted (such as the top of the lookout), we hopped in the car and began shooting. My boyfriend Shane was helpful at getting some of the shots of me driving, because filming and driving is bad.

In summary, here is the process of what I did on Premiere to create this video:

  1. Film the clips, and download them into my imports folder in my larger project folder
  2. Open Premiere and import my video clips and pictures
  3. Begin to drag my clips into chronological order on my timeline. This spanned out to be at least 10-11 minutes of footage, so I had some cutting to do.
  4. While I used the selection tool to trim clips to only a few seconds, I trimmed them a little longer than usual because…
  5. I then went to the tools panel and used the handy-dandy rate stretch tool to compress my clips and speed them up. This allowed me to cover more distance with my travelling clips (such as driving and walking) in a shorter amount of time. After all, if you’re filming a hike, you better at least show some of the hike.
  6. Next, I went to the top of the screen and clicked titles, and added titles to where I found appropriate in order to keep the story moving.
  7. Next, I added in my audio, that is licensed for remix and can be found here: click me
  8. I then uploaded my video using the H.264 format, as I do with all of my YouTube videos, and made sure it used maximum render quality.
  9. I still need to add transitions, edit the titles some, and work on the volume fading in and out. But design is a process, and I could only look at the same video for so long without going crazy. (:

Thanks for the read! The final draft of this video should be up next week.



6 thoughts on “Rattlesnake Ledge Hike- Rough Draft

  1. katrinarembert says:

    Hello Samantha,

    I really enjoyed watching your video, not only because it was engaging but because I just hiked Rattlesnake Ledge not too long ago so I know how fun it is going up that mountain and how great the view is at the top. I like how you played with speeds and gave many different view options as there is so much you could film in a setting like that. I think it would be cool if you added in some audio or more random clips of you and your friends conversations going up the trail or once you reached the top. Overall, I like your draft and it reminds me of many vlogs that I see from Youtubers today. Nice work and good luck on your final draft!


  2. seanbeckblog says:

    Hi Samantha! I know your video is a rough draft, but I think it looks great! First off, I think you picked the perfect activity to make the video that we need to create. I liked the segments where you sped up the action and really liked the times you slowed down the video. I thought you balanced these quite well and provided quite a lot of variety in your shots. As you mention, I think some creative transitions will help smooth out all of the great footage that you have. I also really liked the text you were able to incorporate. If it makes sense, I wouldn’t mind seeing that in a couple other spots…maybe to identify things of interest on your hike. The only other thing I can think of would be a fade in at the beginning. The music started quick and I wondered if I had missed something. Looking forward to checking out your final video. Great job!


  3. samanthachapmanblog says:

    Okay, self-critique time. I am really happy for the comments that people have left me so far, because they show me where I can take the video to another level. I know that I do have to add some transitions and work on my music fading, so that was a given. I am now considering adding more text to the video, just so there are some more layers to the content. Maybe I will add things such as the temperature, the time, or even the altitude that we hiked. While I do think it could be interesting to add some of my conversations over the audio, I was majorly heavy breathing (go me) so I don’t think the audio on that would sound great. Finally, I am really not happy with the font that I chose for the text anymore, so I think I would like to play around with that as well.


  4. laurafierstein says:

    Hi Samantha!

    This is so amazing already just as a rough draft. Its such a unique idea to make the project about a hike, it was really fun to watch the whole journey from start to finish. I also think it was neat how you had long video shots and short ones, and pictures all combined together, and the videos were at different speeds, it made it very fun and interesting to watch.
    Just a few suggestions, you mentioned adding things like altitude and temperature and I think that would be a great idea. It might also be good to add markers during the parts of the video where you are hiking that explain how far into the hike you guys were, just to give a sense of the length of the hike to the audience.
    Other than that, this is amazing so far and I can’t wait to see the final project!


  5. acimburek says:

    Wow! Your video is awesome so far! I have heard so much about Rattlesnake Lake and that it is a great hiking spot, but I’m not much of a hiker so I’ve never been there. It looks beautiful and like quite a hike! Your choice of music is great. It is upbeat and flows with the video. One piece of critique I have would be to add in a bit more voiceover where you can. Or even add in more audio from the video itself. I bet there are some great sound bites from that video that you took. I also really like the time lapse you used to get in more footage but keep the time of the video where it needs to be. The other piece of critique I would give is to use a bit more text in the video. I like the credits you put in at the end, but use a bit more at the beginning or through the video. You could talk about how long it took you to hike the ridge or different spots along the way. Otherwise, it is a great video and I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest!



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