Rattlesnake Ledge- Final Video

Hello again!

Here is my final video project. Because my blog is “Day Trips in the PNW” themed, I thought that a video about a hike would be a great subject to film. For more on my initial design process, feel free to check out my initial design process and rough draft here if you want more insight.

I began this process by writing down what clips I wanted to film for sure (some of them would just occur naturally), and then hopping in the car and heading to Rattlesnake Ledge in North Bend, WA. I had never done this hike before, so it was hard to know exactly what to expect when it came to different shots I could collect.

When I was finished, I had probably almost 25 minutes worth of material to work with, and only a few minutes to put it into. So, I began the editing process, which again I go into more detail on the Rattlesnake Ledge Hike- Rough Draft post.

But, essentially, I:

  1. Created folders for my clips in my desktop so that they were all accessible, and then imported them into my Premiere project
  2. Put the clips in order and cut and condensed some of them.
  3. Muted the clip volume to cut out a lot of my heavy breathing
  4. Added in free-to-remix music from Soundcloud that can be found here
  5. Put in some basic titles at the beginning, midpoints, and end in order to make the video into parts.

After the comments were made on my rough draft by other group members as well as myself, it was then time to make revisions to my rough draft. They are:

  1. Slow down some of my clips. David Silva actually suggested this, as I am telling a story using visuals I needed to make sure that my videos were clear. I used the same rate-stretch tool that I initially used to speed-up my videos in order to slow them back down.
  2. Add some transitions, as previously I had none and the video seemed a little choppy.  I decided to use some fade to black transitions around the titles, and then cross fade transitions in other parts of the video. I feel like the cross fade transitions keep the “time passing” feeling that jump cuts allow for, but make the transitions go a little more smoothly.
  3. Next, I added some exponential growth and exponential fade transitions on the beginning and ends of the audio track. This just makes the audio fade in a little more smoothly.
  4. Finally, I worked on my titles a little bit more, as people made comments about these as well. I liked the concept, but the font definitely needed to be changed. So I changed to a green color, but kept the green a little more electric, because I have house music for the audio, and I thought it would be fun to play off of this theme. I changed the font as well. It is still bold and blocky, but also a little more modern.
  5. I saved my video in the same h.264 format I do will all of my videos, and uploaded it to YouTube. That takes us up to about now. Haha.

Thanks for reading! I would also like to mention that this video can be viewed in the 1080p format, so take advantage of that if you can!




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