Reflection Blog Post

After four months, this class is coming to a close. Along with this comes the close of the class assignments on this blog. I plan on continuing to post on this blog, however, because I have always wanted a travel blog but didn’t know where to start. People like The Blonde Abroad really inspire me.

Jakes Famous Crawfish

A picture from my 21st birthday in Portland, Oregon.// Dan Green

My favorite project during this semester was the audio-story project in which we used Premiere to create an audio-story for our blog. I was genuinely excited as I was walking around Portland to find interesting sounds to collect in the city. It was definitely fun to gather material for, because sounds are not usually something I rely on to tell a story, usually it’s words or visuals.

I am so glad that this class refreshed me on things I already knew, as well as built on to the skills in my toolbox. For example, I have always had a really basic knowledge of how to use Premiere, but this class taught me a lot of little techniques that I will definitely use in my future endeavors.  I also am glad that we learned Illustrator. Graphic design is an awesome skill, and I can confidently create a brand’s logo or basic graphics for their website now as well.

I want to work with a brand to do brand journalism in the future. I want to do less of the advertising and marketing side of things, and more of the story telling. I think that all of these projects relate to that subject. They all allowed me to tell a story using multimedia. I really think that audio stories and videos are great for commercials. And, just learning how to run a blog is something that I can use on a resume, especially if companies want to increase their web presence.

I think it would have been cool to learn some more SEO and web advertising things with our blogs. I know Google had AdSense and AdWords, those could be fun to learn the basics on.

Honestly when it came to learning things outside of class material, I used YouTube. There are tons of tutorials on almost anything you want to learn in the Adobe Suite.

I am very glad that I took this class. I wish I could take it again honestly. It reignited my passion for this type of work, and reminded me why I want to study Integrated Strategic Communications.


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