Video: Odds and Ends of Ireland

Hi again! While we were in Ireland, I decided to film a little bit of video here and there, just for the hell of it. This video is just the compilation of little snippets that I filmed through Ireland.

Places that are listed in the video:

The Guinness Storehouse:  The Guinness Storehouse provides an interesting walk through the process of making Guinness by allowing for guests to see the ingredients, the process, and the end product. Shane is playing with some barley (not to be used in real Guinness.)

Giant’s Causeway:  These cliffs on the coast of Northern Ireland are made up of basalt columns from a volcanic explosion. I have never seen anything like them. Before the Irish could explain the cause of these cliffs, they said that they were created by giants as stepping stones across the Irish Sea. It was a very windy day when we visited, and seafoam was flying everywhere.

Belfast: Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. It is a bustling city and we spent our time there looking through shops. While driving through Belfast, our tour bus driver told us all about the conflict between the nationalists and the unionists that occurred in Belfast. The Titanic was built there as well.

Blarney StoneYes, we kissed the Blarney Stone! The tradition of hanging off of this castle to kiss a piece of limestone while upside down has been happening since 1446. That’s a lot of germs. The castle grounds were beautiful as well and worth spending a whole day at.

Kilkenny: We spent a few hours in Kilkenny, a tiny city in the south-east part of Ireland. Here, we explored abbey’s, looked around the castle grounds of the Kilkenny Castle, and grabbing a bite to eat at a local cafe.

Wicklow MountainsAfter exploring Glendalough, which I will write another post on later, we were able to continue a few minutes down the road to see a live show of a sheep herder and his two border collies. These are working dogs that assist with herding the sheep. They were very smart and adorable dogs.

The Whistling Clam: This thing cracks me up. Used as part of  Guinness advertising campaign, it now whistles for visitors of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.





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