Ireland: Giant’s Causeway, Northern Coast and Belfast

On our next day trip, we set out on a long ride to Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is a separate country and owned by the British, so things were just slightly different there. We were back to seeing miles-per-hour signs rather than Kilometers, and the currency was in pounds.

Our first stop was to see the Dark Hedges, a famous tree-lined road that is featured in Game of Thrones. This was a quirky little stop, but I have never seen Game of Thrones, so it was just some pretty trees to me.

Next, we visited the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge over the coast of Northern Ireland. We were only twelve miles away from the coast of Scotland! Unfortunately, due to some crazy high winds, the bridge was closed that day. It still made for some great pictures though.

Then, we got back on the bus and drove about 15 minutes down the coast to Giant’s Causeway. On the way we stopped the bus to get out and look at the Dunluce Castle, hanging precariously on a cliff over the water. Our tour guide told us that it was a medieval castle, and that half of it washed away during a wedding. The queen only noticed, though, that half of the castle had washed away when the food for the wedding was not on time. She walked back to check on the servants and found that the whole kitchen had washed out to sea. It makes for a great picture, though!

The Giant’s Causeway was probably the most beautiful place we visited in Ireland. Basalt columns create stunning formations along the ocean. These columns are in perfect geometric shapes, and are like nothing I have seen before. While the columns were caused by volcanoes, in ancient Ireland there was a legend that giants created them while trying to get across the sea to Scotland.

I have video of some of these places as well, that you can find here.








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