Glendalough Monastery

Ireland: Kilkenny, Glendalough and Wicklow Mountains

Our last day trip was with Wild Rover Tours. This tour was probably my favorite, and took us to the mountains of Ireland. We stopped first in the town of Kilkennyand explored a gorgeous little town and that was preparing for St. Patrick’s Day. While we were there, I took some pictures of two cathedrals that we visited Black Abbey  and St. Canice’s Cathedral.

Next, headed to the Wicklow Mountainswhere the water for Guinness comes from. These mountains were hilarious to Shane and me because for us Washington State people, they were more like the rolling hills that we find in Eastern Washington, and people were amazed by them. In the valley of the mountains we then visited GlendaloughThis was a beautiful area with an ancient monastery and two crystal clear mountain lakes. It is said that St. Kevin spent time at this monastery.

Finally, we headed to a show put on for us by a working sheep farmer. He has eight working sheep dogs, all Border ColliesWe had the opportunity to learn about sheep farming in Ireland (it’s a big deal, there are 3 million more sheep than people in Ireland) and watch his dogs at work. He had different whistles for each dog, and he said that his dogs could learn up to 150 different commands.

If I were to suggest things to do in your trip to Ireland, this tour was by far worth the money.


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