About Sam

Hey there!



Here I am with my idol Peter Pan. Photo so you can see what I look like. Also, Peter Pan.

My name is Samantha Chapman, but the majority of people I know call me Sam (unless you happen to be my mother and I am in trouble). I am 20 years old and have lived in the state of Washington for my whole life. In fact, from the window of my college classrooms, I can see the hospital I was born at.

I am a recent graduate of Everett Community College and am now beginning my first year at Washington State University North Puget Sound at Everett as an Integrated Strategic Communications student. (Say that ten times fast.) I highly encourage anybody going into their college career  to do community college first. I saved thousands of dollars, and I was able to figure out what exactly I wanted my next step in life to be, without having to worry that I was throwing money at something I was unsure of.

Anyhoo, the purpose of this blog at the moment is to show the content I am creating for my Com210 class. However, I am sure I will continue after class is over because I have been wanting to start a blog on my own for months. It will probably have rants and raves, travel and food pictures and posts about my puppy.

    In my free time I really enjoy being outside. I have a deep deep love for the ocean, hiking, camping and driving my jeep around fun places. I also have a love for reggae music and you can often find me at concerts in the summer. During the school year, I don’t have a social life so don’t even ask what my hobbies are then.

    Why don’t I have a social life during the school year? #goals. But no really, I am very serious about my studies and my GPA. Last year I was the Editor-in-Chief of my college newspaper The Clipper and I have worked very hard for the scholarships that allow me to attend WSU. In the future, I really want to have a job where I can make a living telling stories. Whether it be through journalism, communications or marketing depends on who wants to hire me, really. As long as I get to write and communicate, I am set.

The graduation photo above was taken by Shane Menzimer.